Michael & Rose can be present at your activity (party, parade, rave, show, etc.)
by contacting me at Michael@hauntedhearsenw.com
at least 1 month before the requested date.
OCTOBER is a really hard month, without prior notice,
as we are IN SHOW most weekends.

While the car is large, Party size should be limited to not more than 6-8 people.
Remember, this is a Hearse, there is no seating, just a flat cushioned area in the back.
The car is equipped with a CD/MP3 player , 4 internal Speakers and a Powered Subwoofer.
You're welcome to provide your own music if you wish!

The 3 back windows are curtained.
Interior lighting is provided by RGB LEDs - either patterns or Sound Reactive.
It's loud, it's crazy, it's a Smooth Ride, and it's FUN!
Oh! By the way - once in the back - you can't get out! (no interior handles)


Any usage agreement made does not imply or otherwise consist as a rental of the car for professional use.

Any usage is an agreement between the private owner, Michael Smith - for his time and services, at a pre-agreed upon fee, to offset personal costs in the operation of the vehicle - and the parties requesting his presence.

This is not a town car, limousine, or taxi service, but the operation of a unique personal vehicle for recreational use. The car cannot be present without the owner/operator also present. Insurance does not allow anyone else to operate the vehicle at any time.

The owner, Michael Smith, reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or otherwise modify any agreement, with proper notification to the other party. A non'-refundable DEPOSIT may be required.

Any liability issues are strictly the responsibility of the requesting party(s), not the owner/operator of the vehicle.

Fees usually run approx $200 for 4 hours (within the Seattle-Tacoma Metro Area)
- extra charges may include food, gas, and lodging, as needed,
if outside the Seattle-Tacoma area ( but I'm flexible).

The Haunted Hearse NW is based in Auburn, WA.